Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Grandmommas funeral and Scrap Etc event

We had a great time at the Scrap Etc event, We got to meet all the scrappin divas and took classes from them--It was awesome --will definitely be going next year!!!
Staying at the hotel was okay--someone had gone to the Jack Daniels Saloon and ran up an $80 charge --so it was a pain in the butt to get it taken off and then the hotel is not lactating women friendly--no place to pump but the bathroom. After talking to them numerous times they let me keep the room for a while longer-- but then tried to charge us another $80 at checkout. Needless to say Opryland Hotel is not that great.
We also left on Friday to go to Grandmommas funeral --it was a very nice service, weather was perfect, flowers were pretty. Uncle Mike and Momma did great with what they said.


Angelia said...

Took a peek at your photos. I'm not able to carry my camera along with my class stuff, so I never get any photos. I thought my sister would get some....well, that didn't work out, lol. Sorry about the hotel problems, but it was nice to have you in class anyway. And I remember those lactating days. You guys were taking flag photos when we rolled out on Sunday, yes? :D I'd love some copies of your photos, if you wouldn't mind emailing me some. I've got a big mailbox, so I can handle full size images. My email is momtwoangels@yahoo.com.
Sorry for the loss of our grandmother. I still miss my grandparents, and wish my grandmother could have known my daughters.

Stephanie said...

I love your post. Good Job Sister !!! Send me the pictures when you get a chance. Love Ya !!!