Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter at the Zoo

Here is our latest updates:
We went to the zoo today for the Easter Egg hunt, he did really well kicked a few but picked up like 10. It was kinda cool out though but we still had sunburned faces, didnt think about that being so cool. We dyed eggs that went okay although I had boiled 8 eggs and decided to boil 2 more and forgot about them and guess what.... the BLEW UP!!!!! Me and Ronnie was in our room putting up my shelf and heard what sounded like gunshots we ducked and ran to the kitchen and egg was everywhere--okay I am now that girl who cant even boil eggs right--oh well so anyway I was cleaning up my mess whe BB woke up from his nap and was helping me clean and was saying "mess" Mess"--so funny.
So other news I am going to start moving oput of my scrapping room to give it to Bella--because she needs her own room, So there are pictures in the show above of my new spot. Havent scrapped but I am set up and ready to go maybe this week. So I am going to be selling a lot of my stuff--stay tuned and let me know if anyone wants any hting I could be selling need to downsize. Ronnie is taking the countertops out to the garage I think, then we have a lot of painting and repairing the walls where everything was attached. Hope everyone has a great Easter and Spring Break!!!

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