Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Nursery

set up the new punkin heads nursery today. I know I know it is in our room, but I think it will be very convienent since we will be nursing for the next year. I really cant believe that it is almost time. I have nested all day, I have cleaned out my closet , Bishops closet , went all through his toys, clothes, washed all of her clothes, clean all of her toys. Set up the pack -n-play, washed her sheets, brought the diaper changer in our room. Yesterday Mom & Charles gave me $100 towards new stuff for her--I got the boppy bouncy seat, blankets, gowns, socks. I really cant believe its a girl either--with all this pink stuff I had pink lint in my dryer I think Thats 1st. Bonnie & Gatlyn got Lindsey the pearl necklace and braclet and the lovey, and Mary D gave her the picture frame--Sister has given most of the wardrobe hanging in the closet--Thanks girls--it means alot. Have a good night!!

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