Thursday, July 19, 2007

Greetings from me & B

Whats up Peanut? Bishop just looked so cute today thought I would post a pic to let you see, he is such a big kid, he had his first grapes today and I think he likes them he just can't hold on to them he has been dropping them all over the house. He has been a really good boy the last few days unlike last week when I was tired and cranky from working 2 extra shift( Note to self dont work 2 extra shift when you are 30 weeks pregnant) The story of the week last week was I had dozed off for about 20 min. when I heard something hitting a mirror, and I thought to myself the only mirror that he can get to is the one on the kitchen table so I jumped up to find him sitting in the middle of the table banging a plastic spoon on the mirror and with a whole bag of soft batch cookies, here goes the funny part--he had taken a bite out of about 20-25 cookies, just 1 bite. I sooooooo wish I would have taken a picture it was priceless. He has a habit of taking 1 bite out of something and trying to put it back in the box or bag . He is a funny boy.

On to baby news I started my gestational diabetes routine last week, and it SUCKS!!!! Just like I remembered from last time , poking myself before and after each meal and having only 30-40 carbs per meal, for all the people who dont count carbs or realize there is 27 in 4 oz. of dr.pepper, not alot of play room. But she is getting bigger and dances alot kind of like her brother, sometimes to no music (maybe they are crazy like me and hear it playing in their head). I have started calling her my "tiny dancer" or "kickboxer". I believe she will be a sweet baby girl, but very hyper--she does not sleep. Well thats all I got for now, hope all is well with everyone.. Peace out brothers!!!!

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Boomeyers said...

Maybe she will sleep really well after she comes out cause she'll be so exhausted from all that dancin in the belly! :)