Friday, March 02, 2007

kissy kissy

My Sweet boy has learned how to give big sloppy drooly wet kisses, It is the sweetest thing ever!!!!
He really is growing up so fast, he has said a few words this week...... banana, hot dog, sissy a few times and baby as he lays his head on my belly really sweet. He is really starting to play at mothers day out with other kids and getting comfortable about going. He is a big boy these days.
On another note as you can tell I don't update my blog very often because I am LAZY!!! Some days are good and some days are sicky, I am just going with the flow. I think I have done really well sick or not I havent missed school or work because of the pregnancy even though I have wanted too. I have made an "A" on my first physics exam , YAY me!!! Trust me this class is the hardest I have ever took to not make any since to me. I am on spring break next week. YAY!! I have a doctor appt. next week (wed) so I will try and update then. so peacccccccccce Out!!!!

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Stephanie said...

I Love those sweet wet kisses !!!!