Friday, November 10, 2006

doctor visit 15 m check up

We went to the doctor yesterday and dr Greeley was out so we saw Dr Mace she was very sweet. Anyways she said he was healthy but small, but that was ok. He weighs 21.8 lbs. had only gained 1 pound in the last 3 months(12 percentile, with 50 being average) his height was 30" (15%) his head circumfrence was 68% forgot exact measurment, so a big head. Anyways then we went to see Grandmomma in the hospital , she had surgery on wednesday the 2nd time in 10 months to drain a cancerous tumor she had in her abdominal cavity poor thing she hasnt felt good since the first surgery. These pictures are of Bishop and some of his 1st few independent steps.

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