Monday, October 16, 2006

2 months overdue

I know , I know, do I not have time to blog anymore or what.............uh noooo I have a toddler that is starting to walk and getting in to everything. He took a few steps to Steph on tuesday the 10th, and then each day I try to step back a couple more steps so he will go further, and he gets so excited. So what all has happened in the last 2 months, lets see, we have another tooth that makes 7 already. Me and Ronnie had our 4th anniversary, we drove to Chattanooga for the night, went to the aquarium, and rock city, and lookout Mountain, was fun just went by very quickly.
Also had my craft-n-camp in September, sister got sick and she had to leave that wasn't very fun for her. I got 29 pages done, yahoooooooo, needed to catch up and finish 2005, I am alot closer now. Sister had a birthday on the 12th and Austins is just around the corner. Me and Julie did our 1st craft fair on saturday, bless our hearts we only made 11.00 between us both. saddddddddddddddd. Had our october club meeting on friday (stampin up) no one came from the group thats okay, I had a good time anyway, a couple of people came from work and I showed them how to make a couple of projects, maybe the last party (groupwise) will be better in November on the 2nd, mark your calenders please. I will probably have a crop at my house or clubhouse in late january or maybe Julie will have one. We will be going to craft-n-camp in febuary Yippeee, maybe sister will feel better this time. Then ck convention in may 4-5, then there is a CKU coming in august . peace out

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