Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pool Day at Christy's House

how cute is that little butt..he he him..

forgive me ..Bad Momma he has Strawberry Shortcake arm floaties, and Bella relaxing and just chillin' out..she is such a cutie patootie..I just eat her up...ya I know I say that a lot but I constantly kiss her.oh and those are mosquito bites on her cheek..they absolutely love her too. muuuuuuwahhh..peace out peeps..

please scroll down for my tribute to my 4 year old Bishop


Stephanie said...

I love these babies more than i can tell you... they are the sweetest !! I am so grateful that I am their Aunt.

Scrapping Julie said...

awww. hope you had fun at christys, how is she by the way. did you get any pics of tia rose?