Thursday, October 30, 2008

OMG..................a Wii fit for me

Okay , you all are not going to believe this but today I was watching channel 4 , Oprah had on a Biggest Loser reunion, and I kept seeing the commercial to win a wii fit {nintendo}
  Nintendo Wii Fit Bundle call 737-4444 during the 5 pm news, well I sit there and at 5:25 the que to call come ons, I freak because I call and uh its ringing--and of course both children start screaming at once so I run and lock myself in the closet, and she answer and says "congrats your the 4th caller, okay so I was waiting like is that the right one to be to win?? then I start screaming really I won , and she is like i need to ask you a couple of questions well I am still screaming, so anyways long story short I have been running around screaming all night I won a wii I won a wii, he he I am just Giddy!! This bundle would be like $500. I am so happy, so now I am going to challenge myself to loose like 25 lbs. I am soooooooooooooo excited. I am going to pick it up tomorrow.. Happy Halloween!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

cosmo cricket--beed some help please

please please please help me---all bloggers out there please go here and leave a comment

wondering if you could leave a comment and tell them I sent you.... Tina Mayo

Thanks to all who do---I will give a RAK among all the peeps that help me, please leave a comment on this post that you did. Thanks girls, I so so so so appreciate it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Have a great weekend

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Fall weekend--it is sooooooooo nice outside, I love the fall where I can have my windows opened and just be........okay just be with Have a great one and for all you scrappy ones theres is tons of online crops this time of year {pubcalls}, and one today on the fiskateers . See ya

oh the pics above are from a challenge I did at 4 scrappy sisters

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

winner winner

Yes her shirt says Danger High Maintenance, LOL , this is the life laid back watching Tigger & Pooh.
Guess what, I am back to my old tricks, Jennifer at work has fired me back up!!! I cant wait to recieve my prize pack from this do you digi? blog so cool. then last week I won from coconut scrapbooking, the top prize well I tied with another girl, but I get to be the guest designer for December, then the earlier post I did for Bo Bunny, the layout with Ronnie I won for that too. Having a very good scrappy week! My babies are doing well too, and growing so fast. Bella takes after her mom and eats like a little piggy, she will eat everything you put on her tray. Bishop is working on his manner and has started saying Thank you and your welcome, and when I started to get him out of the tub yesterday he said I can do it by myself momma--oh broke my heart--sometimes he says and does the sweetest things, and then some he is kicking his sister. but that is the life of having a brother I guess.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

my Layout inspired from Bo Bunny blog

Here is a Layout I did based on the tutorial that Carole from Bo Bunny posted on the blog. It was all about the 3-d effect, I think I got a little more carried way with it, I almost used a whole sheet of foam pop up squares. I didnt have the same paper line but I had this kit that I had been wanting to use shabby princess vintage by Bo Bunny. They have the cutest products. If you would like to visit there blog {click here}, they have the coolest stuff on there. Thanks Carole for the post--I am very pleased with my Layout of my Husband.