Wednesday, October 15, 2008

winner winner

Yes her shirt says Danger High Maintenance, LOL , this is the life laid back watching Tigger & Pooh.
Guess what, I am back to my old tricks, Jennifer at work has fired me back up!!! I cant wait to recieve my prize pack from this do you digi? blog so cool. then last week I won from coconut scrapbooking, the top prize well I tied with another girl, but I get to be the guest designer for December, then the earlier post I did for Bo Bunny, the layout with Ronnie I won for that too. Having a very good scrappy week! My babies are doing well too, and growing so fast. Bella takes after her mom and eats like a little piggy, she will eat everything you put on her tray. Bishop is working on his manner and has started saying Thank you and your welcome, and when I started to get him out of the tub yesterday he said I can do it by myself momma--oh broke my heart--sometimes he says and does the sweetest things, and then some he is kicking his sister. but that is the life of having a brother I guess.

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