Monday, September 08, 2008

September Card Kit & Bella's Birthday

Bella's 1st Birthday party this Friday night, will be at our home at 6pm
Can you believe it has been a year?? nope didn't think so. BUt she is. My lil'pepper sprout is the big one year old. Still not walking but saying more words and singing along with Tigger & Pooh and Darby. She is still a mommas girl, like a little monkey she climbs up my shoulder puts her head down and doesn't want anyone to hold or touch her but me. Bishop had or has no fear of anyone, he will talk to anyone too.

These are my creations from the Design team I am on at Memories from the attic It is made from the September kit.


Stephanie said...

Very nice work !!! Bella let me hold her for almost an hour last week, I think Im starting to grow on her, making progress anyway !!! BB was such a good boy when he stayed with us this weekend. Love ya and the babes ~~~ Sissy

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Ahh the big 1 year, what a cutie. I'm currently cooking my first kiddo so birthday parties, walking and talking seems so far away but I bet it sneaks up before you know it.

Anywhoodle thanks tons for the book review on Amazon. If you email me your address I will pop some rub ons in the mail for you pronto.