Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BB loves his baby sister

I was walking thru the kitchen and BB held his arms out to hold Bella, so we went to the bedroom and he had trouble with her head so I just sat her beside him. He really loves her, he kisses her all the time. When he hears her crying he runs and kisses her head to make her feel better, It is the sweetest thing I have ever seen. He even takes her "PeePee" and "ShooShoo" diapers to the trash. He always tries to help me change her he will either get the diaper(he usually brings one of his first) and try to undo her diaper. But he does steal her Binky every now and again, but if we are sitting there he will pick it up and say "whos that? " He is talking more and more, I tried to get him to say caterpiller today--he got out cat but the rest was jumbled up. He is a sweet boy.

I did an online crop this last weekend and won the grand prize and 3 other prizes--I was so excited, because we all know how broke I am so any chance to get free scrapping supplies I am on it trying to win. I won a total of $60.00 and a prize at the site I was on Paper Popsicles cool places and a lot of nice people--will definitely be hanging out there on the message board. Whats up my new friends!!!!! sorry had to give a shout out!!
There is one this friday on the Fiskateers and then saturday and sunday there is one on create my keepsake --click on the highlighted links to find out more info. Hope you all have a good week!! I am going to be busy I know--gotta play when i am off --my maternity leave has already gone by so fast--need to make the most of it. Peace out my PeEpS!!!!

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