Monday, May 28, 2007

long time no blog, where have I been??

Man, I havent blogged in a while sorry for being so boring, I didnt even realize. We have had a few things going on here, I had my 35th birthday on the 8th, then mothers day on 13th, JJ birthday on the 23rd (29th) then Austin graduated on the 25th, and Ronnie will be graduating on June 2 and that is also Moms birthday. We have been busy. The sweet little movements inside of me have gain lots of force, she is a very active little one. Bishop was not near this active. She does not like me to lay on my left side at all or sit slouched in a chair, she makes me move--she may have a little stubbornism(is this a word??) like her mother. who knows. Sister and the family made it down to the beach yesterday--all safely. Me and Bishop are riding down tonight to crash the party and stay a few days with them (cant beat a free trip) and then Dave and Allen and us will be coming back friday. A quick trip but at least I will get to see the ocean and not forget what it looks like since with funding the way it is and 2 kids I may not be back for a while. At least Lindsey will be able to say she was there, even if she could not see it. Bishop had the same expierence also, and this will be his 3rd trip, he gets around doesnt he. Okay so enough with the long blog I need to sleep pack and get ready to go. The pictures are from Saturday at the Bishop pool, I think he likes it.

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