Saturday, April 28, 2007

I got an "A" and Bishops 1st popsicle

I know I havent been the best blogger in the last few weeks but school is OVER!!!!!!!!whohoo I needed to make a 90 on my last test to not have to take the final exam and I made ..........................drumroll please..........................90.7. Who would have thought I Tina Mayo would ever make an "A" in Physics....not me. Well anyway Bishop is sick again has a bad cough, and not today I woke up with a sore throat also, but his last day was Thursday at Mothers Day out so maybe we will be healthy for the summer. The little person inside of me has been darting around inside like a little fish. we go next Wednesday to see what he or she is. I promose I am going to get a little better at keeping this up since I am out of school. See ya my Peeps!!

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Stephanie said...

Ahhh Isnt he messy with that Popsicle , you could just kiss the chocolate off his face. Love you all !!! Cant wait to go Wednesday, to find out if I have another little Prince, or Maybe a Princess !!!!