Monday, January 22, 2007


Okay so I started school last week and uuuh, I hope to make till May. Lets just say that on Tuesday after being up all night to sit in a physics class is very hard. Then I was late on thursday and was made an example out of (teacher said after I walked in, "and my biggest pet peave is those who come in late) oh well nothing I can do but try and be on time from now on. Please all pray for me, I will need it!!!!

So Bishop has his very first virus this weekend, He has threw up all weekend, Bless his heart and it goes everywhere with no warning at all. He doesn't want to drink anything either. So when I get off work this morning I am going to have much fun, since I probably wont get any sleep before I have to come back tonight. Ronnie started back to school this last week also, but he will be graduating this may yippee. Go Ronnie!!!

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