Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A day at the Park other stuff

This picture was taken when he was in the bean bag being silly, he looks so sweet.
Last week we took a walk and up by our swimming pool is a little kids park, so I put him in the swing and pushed, 1st push he was a little scard then he loved it. He was squealing with delight after a few pushes.
I was trying on some hats he has and he was posing for me, I think he kinda enjoys being in front of the camera.
Okay so he did not like in mac-n-chz baby food dinner, but I don't blame him I tried it and it was awful.

He loves wearing his clothes on his head, I will usually let me see hiself in the mirror and he just laughs at what he sees.

We haven caught either a bad cold or the flu from Ronnie(*he had it last week) and we have it this week, Well I think I have it worse, lets hope I am releasing the antibodies into him so he doesn't get it as bad, but he did sneeze the other day and snott went past his mouth and he looked at me like what happened. Anyways thats all for now, hope everyone has a good week. Love to all.

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